Self-Assembly of Magnetic Nanostructures.

von D. Tománek, S. Kim, P. Jund, P. Borrmann, Heinrich Stamerjohanns, E. Hilf
Journal: APS March Meeting Abstracts
Pages: 2201
We use Monte Carlo and quaternion molecular dynamics simulations to study the stability and dynamics of the intriguing structures which form in colloidal suspensions of small magnetite particles. We show that the only stable structures of a few-particle aggregate, a ring and a chain, can be efficiently interconverted using a magnetic tip. We suggest to use the oscillating field of the tip to anneal these structures to either the preferential ring structure in zero field or to a chain in nonzero applied field. The assignment of the ring structure to ``bit 0'' and the chain to ``bit 1'' suggests a potential application as magnetic memory.