Distributed Information Services in Physics

von Eberhard R. Hilf, Michael Hohlfeld, Thomas Severiens, Kerstin Zimmermann
Journal: High Energy Physics Library Webzine
Volume: 4
The concept of distributed information services maintained by a distributed work force for scientific information is described. Realizations and experiences for Physics (since 1995), Marine Sciences, and dissertation theses in physics are presented. Technically the information is gathered from the local web servers of the worldwide distributed research institutes and departments, by distributed Harvest-gatherers, under the control of national learned societies or regional other institutions. Queries are answered by a network of mirrors of Harvest-brokers. For PhysNet, a Charter sets the rules to assure a noncommercial, free full-text access service, under the control of the set of national national learned societies involved, but unbiased to any single one.