Scientific cooperation is an important driving force for innovation, and hence leads to the development of novel products. We foster frequent and close exchange with a large number of scientists through national and international projects. Our primary role in most of these projects is centred about providing or augmenting the internal communication infrastructure through customized web-based services. When possible, we continue the development of interesting prototypes, which regularly emerge during projects, and mature these ideas into new products thereafter.
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Im Rahmen des Kom­pe­tenz­zen­trums Biblio­me­trie ent­wick­eln wir zu­sam­men mit dem iFQ und IWT für das BMBF die Grund­la­gen für ein Mo­ni­toring-In­stru­ment zur Iden­ti­fi­zie­rung po­ten­tiell in­ter­es­san­ter in­ter­na­tio­na­ler Ko­op­era­tions­part­ner. Das In­stru­ment soll fach­un­ab­hän­gig ein­setz­bar sein.

Duration: from May 2011 until May 2012
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Papercore is a public read-write database, which aims at helping scientists to cope with this development. Papercore collects summaries of scientific papers, in particular in physics, where this database is optimized to. Note that a summary is not just an abstract: A summary should contain the core information of a paper, including a little introduction, basic definitions, outline of methods and key results of a paper, such that a specialist in the field does not have to look into the paper anymore, basically. The rule of thumb is that a summary should be 1/10 of the length of the corresponding paper, the compression factor is automatically computed by Papercore for each summary.

Duration: from January 2011 until December 2014
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EERQI ist ein Pro­jekt im Rah­men des 7. EU- For­schungs­rah­men­pro­gramms zu The­men der So­zial-, Wirt­schafts- und Geis­tes­wis­sen­schaf­ten. Es hat sich zum Ziel ge­setzt die welt­wei­te Be­deu­tung und Wett­be­werbs­fä­hig­keit der europäischen For­schung im Bereich der Er­zie­hungs­wis­sen­schaft zu ver­stärken und aus­zu­weiten.

Duration: from February 2008 until March 2011
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SEOS ist eine Ini­tia­ti­ve, die Fern­er­kun­dung im na­tur­wis­sen­schaft­lich­en Schul­un­ter­richt ein­bringt. Ziel war es, 15 on­line-Lern­mo­du­le zu aus­ge­wähl­ten The­men der Erd­be­ob­ach­tung zu ent­wick­eln, die ak­tu­el­le For­schungs­er­geb­nis­se auf­grei­fen.

Duration: from August 2007 until October 2009

PhysNet ist ein Verzeichnis aller Physik-Institutionen auf der Welt.

Duration: from May 1999