The number of scientific publications per year is steadily increasing. This makes it difficult to keep up with the latest developments in larger areas of science.

Papercore is a public read-write database, which aims at helping scientists to cope with this development. Papercore collects summaries of scientific papers, in particular in physics, where this database is optimized to. Note that a summary is not just an abstract: A summary should contain the core information of a paper, including a little introduction, basic definitions, outline of methods and key results of a paper, such that a specialist in the field does not have to look into the paper anymore, basically. The rule of thumb is that a summary should be 1/10 of the length of the corresponding paper, the compression factor is automatically computed by Papercore for each summary.

Our role in this project is the development and hosting of the technical services.

Slides: Papercore presentation at DPG Jahrestagung 2013


Runtime: from January 2011 until December 2014